Our Business Certifications

Becoming a Certified B Corporation (B Corp for short) in 2015 marks one of our proudest accomplishments, as the path to certification requires several rounds of audits, which scrutinize over our business model, volume of positive impact environmentally, the way we treat ourselves, the way we treat our clients and customers, how ethically we conduct business throughout our supply chain and more. The ethos of every B Corp is that the traditional financial bottom line for business is outdated. In order for companies, industries, and economies to thrive sustainably into the 21st Century, we must now adopt a triple bottom line—one that considers not only profit, but also people, and planet as well. Not only are we certified, we are also working to make New York City one of the strongest hubs for proving that B Corps are better businesses in all regards. In early 2018, Carbon Credit Capital began sitting as a founding board member of the NYC Local B-Corp community. We don’t just perform better financially, we improve the lives of everyone associated with our value chain, as well as the vitality of the entire planet.

Visit the B-Corporation platform to learn more.


Green America is a long-standing Washington D.C.-based, sustainability activist organization. Green America runs campaigns as a non-governmental organization (NGO) to get large corporations to disclose controversial information, do away with bad practices, and make commitments towards improving their processes, procurement strategies, products and human outcomes. In order to be accepted into Green America’s Green Business Network, all of the above are prerequisites. Since our certification in 2015, we have maintained close contact with Green America leadership and campaigns, and love working with fellow, like-minded businesses within the network to showcase how the subjects of Green America’s activist campaigns can follow the new leaders.

Visit Green America’s Green Business portal to learn more.



As of 2017, we donate 1% of our revenue to environmental non-profits around the world as a business member of One Percent for the Planet. We feel that even though we already “give back” to the environment through the work we do every day, it is important to continue to drive financing into projects and organizations that are making positive impacts beyond what we are able to do from New York. Founded by Patagonia, 1% for the Planet is on a mission to accelerate our journey towards a better more equitable and inclusive world by fostering a tightly knit community—a community we are proud to represent.

Visit One Percent for the Planet’s website to learn more.