Our Story

Founding and Early Years

Carbon Credit Capital was founded in 2006 by Olivia Fussell as a career pivot. After having spent over 20 years in real estate and construction in New York City, Olivia realized that being successful in the real estate industry meant cutthroat aggressiveness.  Something in her gut told her that this path was not right. Our natural resources are limited, including the land. Olivia realized she needed to approach real estate business in a more sustainable way.  Turning thought into action, she attended Columbia University’s Masters in Environmental Policy Finance and Economics, and upon graduation worked as an advisor on carbon sequestration projects in Africa—somewhat of a “homecoming,” as Olivia grew up in Central East Africa.

During rounds of consultation, Olivia found that droughts were severe in many parts of Africa, mainly on the eastern and southern side of the continent. Important inland lakes supporting locals daily life had dried up and posed severe threats to the surrounding lake communities. While locals thought it bad luck, Olivia considered the droughts likely resulted from carbon emissions due to environment degradation and firmly believed that carbon sequestration would be a way to mitigate the severe situation in Africa. During Olivia’s stay in Africa, she helped develop carbon sequestration projects, such as planting trees, and other programs that reduced carbon emissions. Olivia affirmed that there would be a possible market for carbon sequestration in Africa that would help eventually grow the economy. In 2006, upon her return from Africa, Olivia founded Carbon Credit Capital with focus on supporting low carbon project development.

A Reputation of Innovation

By 2012 Carbon Credit Capital had worked with some of the largest financial institutions in the world to develop a range of forestry and renewable energy projects around the world. This same year we authored the world’s first ever approved carbon offset methodology for generating carbon credits from e-waste recycling. Our work in e-waste recycling is becoming increasingly relevant as stockpiles of outdated electronic waste build globally.

In 2014 and 2015 we joined the Green America Green Business Network, and became one of the first 1,100 Certified B-Corporations in the world. With this certification, we joined a global community of businesses dedicated to the people we serve and employ, the planet on which we operate, and the profits we see as a company—the triple bottom line. We see this community as a key catalyst in manifesting the 21st Century’s low-carbon economy outlined around the world as the only way forward that will ensure human prosperity for millennia to come.

Also in 2015, we introduced what is now our feature solution for businesses and individuals to reduce emissions together through everyday purchases. Our Carbon Neutral Checkout® program allows companies to sell entirely carbon neutral product lines at no cost by passing the cost to offset the emissions from individual sales on to the customers making those purchases. Costs that would typically be substantial, if not completely out of reach for many companies are now able to be distributed across entire production lines, making the cost to offset each purchase insignificant and undetectable to the average consumer. Now companies can reduce thousands of metric tonnes of greenhouse gas simply by opening their stores and selling their products the same way the do every day.

Additional firsts we are proud to have brought into this world include our collaborations with fellow Green America Green Business Network Member, Only Natural Pet and the world’s first carbon neutral pet food; our collaboration with Residential Home Funding to create the world’s first Carbon Neutral Mortgage; our collaboration with fellow B-Corp, Good Clean Love to roll out the first ever carbon neutral personal lubricant in Almost Naked.

Carbon Credit Capital Today and Into the Future

Today we are currently advancing the field even further with unique collaborations and creations to bring our carbon pricing and mitigation models and services to more business, homes, institutions and regions than ever before. We offer services for carbon neutral products and services; we have world class capabilities in greenhouse gas inventories, carbon footprint calculations, and greenhouse gas life cycle assessments; and we continue to offer extensive experience in carbon offset project development advisory.

Whether helping to architect a cryptocurrency that reduces carbon emissions, or serving as founding board members of the local New York City chapter of B-Corps, we will continue to work hard to create a world that rewards those who take real action on climate, and one in which taking that action can be simple, effortless, sexy and exciting. So long as climate change is an issue that needs addressing, we will be here to help discover ways to address and overcome this global problem.