All Shipping on Made Trade is now 100% Carbon Neutral

Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) is excited to announce a new partnership with the ethical and sustainable online retailer, Made Trade. By partnering with CCC, Made Trade now offers carbon neutral shipping to all its customers on every order—no matter where their customer lives.

Made Trade is an online store curating only the most incredibly designed, responsibly made goods from makers and artisans around the world. Made Trade asks tough questions like, was the maker paid a living wage, what materials is a product made of, where was it made, what’s the process behind the product, and how is the production of this product impacting the planet?

Made Trade’s goal is to provide full transparency about each product they carry so that the customer can decide for themselves the kind of impact they want to make. Whether it’s supporting refugee artisans, sustainable agriculture and/or upcycling materials that would otherwise be thrown away, Made Trade makes it accessible and easy for people to shop according to their values.

Both 1% for the Planet members, Made Trade was introduced to Carbon Credit Capital at the 2019 1% for the Planet Global Summit in Portland, Oregon. Made Trade’s Founder, Cayley Pater, was interested in carbon offsetting and had wanted to offer carbon-neutral shipping to Made Trade’s customers. Carbon Credit Capital helped make the transition to carbon-neutral shipping straight forward. The carbon credits Made Trade purchases to offset the carbon dioxide emitted from the shipping of their product funds a project in the Amazon dedicated to ensuring hundreds of thousands of acres of rainforest are never logged.

“Carbon offsetting is one of the tangible, concrete ways we can positively impact the preservation of the Amazon rainforest,” says Made Trade Founder, Cayley Pater. “This year was full of sad stories out of the Amazon, from massive wildfires to images of expanding cattle ranching that is decimating the forest. In what appears sometimes as an endless cycle of negative environmental news, the project Made Trade is choosing to fund through our carbon credits is a glimmer of hope for the Amazon.” The creation of this carbon sink is accomplished by teaching Indigenous families living in the Amazon sustainable land management techniques instead of selling their land to be logged and used for ranching.

“We’re so excited to offer carbon-neutral shipping to our customers,” Pater says. “This strongly aligns with Made Trade’s core values of sustainability and transparency. We’re also very excited to partner with Carbon Credit Capital to offset the carbon emissions of our customers for our Black Friday promotion this holiday season.”

As Made Trade grows and expands their product offering, they plan to find more ways to ensure they continue to be a leader in the sustainable movement. Made Trade’s next step is offsetting the carbon emissions of their customers in their Black Friday to Cyber Monday promotion this holiday season. Depending on how much a customer spends on Made Trade for their holiday shopping, Made Trade will offset different amounts of carbon emissions on behalf of their customers, such as a roundtrip international flight, or home energy use. Made Trade is even offering to offset an entire year of a customer’s carbon emissions when they spend more than $1,500 on Made Trade during Black Friday.

CCC’s director of development, Reed Shapiro remarked, “it’s great to collaborate with other members of 1% for the Planet network, and we are proud to be a part of Made Trade’s efforts to lead the charge of online retailers’ taking responsibility for the impact of their businesses. We hope that in the face of the mega-brands like Amazon, Made Trade’s care in curation of their products and partnership with us to eliminate their shipping emissions can be an example of where consumers increasingly concerned about the climate crisis can turn to ensure they have the smallest negative impact possible.”

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