Be Social Change’s Events are Carbon Neutral Now!

New York City-based organization, Be Social Change, a social enterprise producing weekly social impact offerings, has recently partnered with Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) to offset its full programming footprint for 2019-2020 via our Carbon Neutral Checkout® Program.

Be Social Change is a membership association for people building lives and careers of social impact. They host weekly workshops and events dedicated to advancing social impact conversations and building a purpose-driven community in New York City. Through their events, the Be Social Change community also learns about the latest opportunities to lead sustainable lifestyles.

“After attending my first Be Social Change event, I knew this organization was unique. Their mission was clear. Their team doesn’t just want to encourage positive change, they want to be the change”, said CCC Analyst, Shannon Mora.

Through the Carbon Neutral Checkout® Program, Be Social Change was able to determine their carbon footprint based on the emissions associated with hosting each event such as attendee travel, sponsored sustainable treats, and more. When asked about their reason for going carbon neutral, Be Social Change’s Director of Strategic Growth, Jenn Lishansky said,

“As a resource for sustainability, we seek to follow best practices. That’s why our events are minimal waste and are now carbon neutral. We also believe in supporting better businesses, like B Corps, so partnering with Carbon Credit Capital has been ideal. We are thrilled that all of our 45+ annual events will be carbon neutral!”

In the spirit of being a member-driven organization, Be Social Change ran a poll to collect votes from their membership following to determine which GHG offsetting project they would contribute to. Their members have chosen the GEC Organics Waste Composting Project, which reduces carbon emissions by converting chicken manure, food waste and green waste into organic soil that can reduce fertilizer in agriculture applications. GEC is one of only three US-based carbon offset projects to achieve Gold Standard project verification, one of the highest such standards in the world. The standard ensures that carbon credits are real, verifiable and capable of making measurable contributions to sustainable development worldwide. Now, every event hosted by Be Social Change will not only provide impactful resources and knowledge to the do-ers of NYC, but it will also drive the reduction of pollution, and the replenishment of our soil across the country.

Photo Credit: Be Social Change