Carbon Credit Capital Takes Carbon Neutrality to School with Yoga Foster

New York City-based Yoga Foster, which aims to provide free and low-cost training, lesson plans, yoga mats and more for educators to bring mindfulness and yoga into elementary schools, recently partnered with Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) to offset all shipments of yoga mats via our Carbon Neutral Checkout® Program.

Yoga Foster is a nonprofit that empowers educators with yoga training, lesson plans and yoga mats. We rally the wellness community to support our work through our mat drive program, which allows partners to collect gently-used yoga mats from their guests, and ship them to Yoga Foster classrooms. Yoga Foster also conducts research showing that when students can use breaks in the day to practice mindfulness and exercise (i.e. yoga) they are able to study more efficiently and stay focused for longer periods of time. With this highly impactful mission at its core, Yoga Foster’s founder, Nicole Cardoza was named as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Education 2017.

“We really like Yoga Foster’s initiative to bring yoga into elementary classrooms,” says Reed Shapiro, Director of Business Development of CCC. “Not only does the practice of yoga and mindfulness help bring a more conscious and compassionate generation into the world, but this partnership allows the concept of carbon neutrality and environmental stewardship to spread into part of their education.” As climate change becomes an increasingly serious concern today’s youth will face throughout their lifetimes, it is crucial to spread awareness about what can be done to people of all ages.

“We can’t ignore the negative impact that donating and distributing yoga mats has on the environment. As we continue to scale this program, it’s imperative that we do so with care. I’m honored that we can support a U.S. based carbon negative initiative through this partnership, and make the future a bit more healthy for our students,” says Nicole Cardoza, Executive Director of Yoga Foster.

Through the partnership, Yoga Foster will mitigate the carbon emissions generated from the shipment of yoga mats from donors to schools around the country. CCC has developed metrics to measure the emissions from the shipment of mats sent from generous donors to the elementary beneficiaries, and YogaFoster will purchase carbon credits to balance the negative impacts of making those shipments. In fact, Yoga Foster has even committed to offsetting two times the amount of carbon required to consider all shipments carbon neutral—making the initiative completely carbon “positive,” or removing more carbon from the atmosphere than was created in the first place.

Yoga Foster will support GEC Organics Waste Composting Project, an organization which reduces carbon emissions by converting chicken manure, food waste and green waste into organic soil that can reduce fertilizer in agriculture applications. GEC is one of only three US-based carbon offset projects to achieve Gold Standard project verification, one of the highest such standards in the world. The standard ensures that carbon credits are real, verifiable and capable of making measurable contributions to sustainable development worldwide. Now, every mat donated through the mat drive will not only give the gift of yoga and mindfulness to a child in need, but it will also drive the reduction of pollution, and the replenishment of our soil across the country.