Espiritu Travel Teams up with Carbon Credit Capital to Offer Carbon Neutral Trips

Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) is pleased to partner with Espíritu Travel – who provides custom-made, meticulously crafted trips to Cuba, Spain, Portugal and Colombia—as a member of CCC’s Carbon Neutral Checkout® program, Espíritu Travel now provides carbon neutral trips and experiences to each of the countries.

Espiritu Travel is headquartered in picturesque New Hampshire, USA, in addition to having satellite offices in both Madrid, Spain and Havana, Cuba. Espíritu Travel is lead by a team of highly experienced travel professionals from a diversity of backgrounds and places. Espíritu Travel’s mission is to design custom-made travel itineraries that highlight cultural and natural heritage of a country, as well as connecting travelers with local experiences.

Espíritu Travel is on a journey to continually work towards their object of offering responsible trips. Their mission is to ensure that not only each of their customized trips provides a truly enriching experience for travelers but that every trip contributes to local economy and reduces the negative environmental impacts.

Espiritu and CCC have teamed up to measure the greenhouse gas emissions associated with every travelers books with Espíritu Travel, and to build the costs to nullify those emissions with verified and validated carbon credits. Now, each trip a client books with Espiritu Travel will be a carbon neutral adventure. CCC helped Espíritu Travel verify the carbon footprint of trips ranging from 4 to 15 days across each country. Now, each Espíritu Travel itinerary automatically compensates for emissions related to food, local travel, accommodations, and other typical miscellaneous activities.

Espíritu Travel will support an anti-deforestation carbon offset project ADPML anti-deforestation which preserves a section of the Amazon forest at risk of deforestation by squatters, cattle ranchers, and illegal loggers, to offset each trips’ carbon footprint. The project protects over 149,000 hectares of virgin rainforest from deforestation, housing 44,000+ species of plants and animals, including over 30 vulnerable species. The project also provides improved quality of life for over 6,200 local community members—including paths to land title ownership, and improved diversity of the local economy with capacity building for cultivating new and highly valuable forest crops and products. Find more information about the ADPML project here.

Karin Eckhard, owner and co-founder of Espíritu Travel says, “I am thrilled about going carbon neutral with CCC and this move has been an important step for our company’s journey towards more purposed driven trips. We see carbon offsetting as an important element of a greater, comprehensive plan to reduce our impact in each of the destinations where we offer trips now and in the future.”

“Sustainable travel has been a buzzword for several years now, “ says Olivia Fussell, CCC’s Founder & Managing Director “but when one looks around, it’s hard to see who’s really doing a good job. It was clear to us that, in the midst of a global pandemic which had effectively shuttered the travel industry for the greater part of a year, when Espiritu Travel got in touch to build carbon neutrality into their travel services that they were serious about building authentic climate action into the core of their business. Karin and the team at Espiritu are out ahead of the market as early adopters, offering travelers with rapidly evolving preferences real options for amazing travel experiences that leave a net-zero impact on the environment. We are delighted to be a part of the effort.”