Global Green Partnership

Carbon Credit Capital and Global Green have teamed up to bring our best practices in greenhouse gas accounting and carbon neutrality to Global Green’s non-profit environmental sustainability consulting practice.

For 30 years, Global Green has helped major companies address the threats and opportunities of climate change by identifying programs, places, and communities to support through impactful environmental sustainability initiatives. Now, with only one-fifth of our planet’s “carbon budget” remaining, becoming carbon neutral or carbon negative over the next decade is critical.

Carbon Credit Capital will offer our expertise to ensure any work Global Green does aligns with what the scientific community says is required to keep global warming to a safe minimum. Our services help cost-effectively reduce both emissions from operations, products, and services to improve resiliency, meet evolving market demands, and achieve carbon-neutrality.

Measure Emissions

Create Greenhouse Gas inventories for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in operations, throughout the supply chain, and in products/services

Deliver emissions accounting frameworks in line with the GHG Protocol, GRI and suitable for disclosure to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Set Emissions Reduction Targets and Strategies

Develop planned Science-Based Targets to reduce emissions from operations that are consistent with warming of no more than 1.5° Celsius

Create business strategies that address the Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures’ rubric to assess potential future risks and opportunities that climate change and policy pose to businesses

Develop Long-Term Carbon Neutrality Road Maps

Plan for ways to add value as a brand with carbon neutral products, services, offices, events and more

Understand where to drive efficiency throughout the value chain to get absolute emissions as low as possible before financing emissions reductions outside the value chain

Purchase Carbon Credits and Achieve Carbon Neutrality in the Short-Term

Discover how to reach carbon neutrality immediately with high-quality and affordable carbon credits

Align brand values with Sustainable Development Goals through supporting relevant carbon offset projects

Our Partnership with Global Green enables companies to develop climate strategies that are based in science, and which can reduce carbon emissions over ambitious timelines. This partnership creates a structural framework that benefits your organization and the environment beyond what philanthropic giving can do alone. To learn more, contact us, or Global Green to get started.