Global Green Teams up with Carbon Credit Capital to Help Corporations Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) has entered into a new strategic partnership with Global Green, a non-profit, with a prestigious history of developing both international and community-based programs, who has spent nearly 30 years advancing solutions for climate change to help the people, places, and planet in need. Together, CCC and Global Green will offer a comprehensive suite of expertise to help companies advance impactful sustainability initiatives and commit to net-zero emissions.

Global Green has worked with both people and companies since 1994 to build a future where our economic needs do not conflict with our planetary life support systems. Founded by Mikhail Gorbachev and Diane Meyer Simon, Green Cross International—Global Green—was intended to be a Red Cross “for the environment.” Recently, Global Green has focused its efforts on the next 10 years, and on keeping our human impact within the planetary boundaries that support life.

In its’ pursuit of impact, Global Green has launched a suite of programmatic offerings that range from targeted community projects to Global Initiatives. From social and medical work in communities effected by climate emergencies, to environmental sustainability in affordable housing and community development in partnership with municipalities, to waste and resource recovery, to conservation, to education, Global Green boasts a strong track record of delivering tangible impact.

As the corporate appetite for climate action has grown dramatically in 2020, so has the demand for programmatic rigor beyond key philanthropic metrics. Leaders and decision makers now understand the world needs environmental programs that do more than drive impact; we need programs that will reduce emissions by enough to keep global warming to less than 2° and 1.5° Celsius. Carbon Credit Capital will make its contribution to the partnership by providing its’ own expertise in carbon accounting, setting emissions reduction targets and strategies, as well as in managing unavoidable emissions with carbon offsets and integrated carbon neutrality programs.

Combined, the expertise and track record of both Global Green and CCC will provide companies with all they need to assess their environmental impacts and plan real interventions and programs to reduce emissions that align with global best practices.

“Global Green is ecstatic to work alongside CCC to help solve the climate crisis and create a better future for people, places, and the planet. With their expertise in carbon reduction, we’ll be more successful than ever before in helping companies achieve their net-zero goals,” said William Bridge, CEO of Global Green. “The future of our planet is in the hands of the corporations worldwide, and by combining our current global initiatives with carbon reduction, we can be sure to make a life-changing impact on our planet.”

“We are delighted to team up with an organization like Global Green, who has successfully brought dozens of projects and initiatives on line that drive real results,” says CCC’s Director of Business Development, Reed Shapiro. “Often, our analyses identify areas where our clients can take action, but we aren’t putting boots on the ground in their facilities or on their farms to do energy retrofits, or overhaul agricultural practices. Our ability to now pair our greenhouse gas and lifecycle assessments, and carbon offset programs with actionable Global Green initiatives that directly reduce a company’s emissions within their own value chain, means we can provide a more holistic value to our partners—that’s pretty exciting!”