The Future of Sustainable Development in the Amazon

By Alex Yale The Amazon Rainforest is arguably the most important asset in the battle against climate change. So much so that the direct act of deforestation in the region accounts for around 30% of global carbon emissions, from the carbon sinks that are released by burning trees and disruption of the ecosystem. Economists argue […]

What You Need to Know Before Monetizing Carbon Credits

By Pianpian Wang Demands for voluntary carbon offsets have been increased since the beginning of the year. The pandemic has become a crucial driver for companies to commit to climate mitigation. We have received many inquiries recently regarding how to monetize carbon emissions. You might find this short article helpful in answering your general questions […]

Setting an Internal Carbon Value on One Ton – A Complex but Necessary Step

By Olivia Fussell Companies that are building in a price for carbon in their financial forecasts will be better prepared to manage the transition as more climate change reporting, risk and regulation become an evident business cost globally. The need for a company to account for the cost is becoming a necessary step and is […]

The True Gem x Carbon Credit Capital

Happy Earth Day! We felt today served as the perfect opportunity to share more information about our partnership with The True Gem (“True Gem”) and the progress made thus far. True Gem commits to creating beautiful yet sustainable jewelry that is made in Dallas, TX by local artisans of recycled metals and a variety of […]

B Corp Climate Impacts & Initiatives

By Alexander Yale The B Corp community consists of more than 3,700 companies in 74 different countries that all have been comprehensively reviewed and verified for upholding an incredibly high standard of business practice. This includes social and environmental performance, transparency, accountability, sustainability, and inclusivity. From our perspective at Carbon Credit Capital, the requirement for […]

Espiritu Travel Teams up with Carbon Credit Capital to Offer Carbon Neutral Trips

Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) is pleased to partner with Espíritu Travel – who provides custom-made, meticulously crafted trips to Cuba, Spain, Portugal and Colombia—as a member of CCC’s Carbon Neutral Checkout® program, Espíritu Travel now provides carbon neutral trips and experiences to each of the countries. Espiritu Travel is headquartered in picturesque New Hampshire, USA, […]

Global Green Teams up with Carbon Credit Capital to Help Corporations Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) has entered into a new strategic partnership with Global Green, a non-profit, with a prestigious history of developing both international and community-based programs, who has spent nearly 30 years advancing solutions for climate change to help the people, places, and planet in need. Together, CCC and Global Green will offer a […]

All You Need to Know About Science-Based Targets

By Pianpian Wang One silver lining to COVID-19 is that multiple sources and news outlets are showing an increase in businesses and individuals taking action to tackle the climate crisis that we all face. One example is that more businesses have started to develop science-based targets (“SBT”) to reduce carbon emissions in line with what […]

2020 Presidential Election: Climate Change Special

By Reed Shapiro In an election where the voting populace is so deeply divided, many people have made up their minds about which candidate they are supporting. For some, however, the decision to re-elect Donald Trump, or to eschew the incumbent President for Joe Biden hangs in the balance. A number of familiar issues, like […]

Racism in Environmental Justice

By Shannon Mora In a previous blog post titled Privilege in Sustainability, I discussed the ways the climate action initiative has shown to be targeted towards the young white demographic. The disconnect between minority peoples and the climate action movement is tied to both the price point for sustainable goods and products as well as […]