Now You Can Make Your Trips to Sri Lanka Carbon Neutral

Experiential Journeys PVT. LTD. has teamed up with Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) to completely mitigate the carbon footprint of their safari tours and camping trips through CCC’s Carbon Neutral Checkout® program.

Experiential Journeys, a Sri Lankan company, offers Wildlife Tours, Architecture Exploration Tours, Adventure Tours, Birding Tours and other themed tours that reflect the historic features, and both natural and cultural beauty of Sri Lanka.

Anuruddha Bandara, Experiential Journeys’ founder, places a strong emphasis on social and environmental responsibility in his business’ practices and operations, including pangolin conservation, urban wetland protection, and initiatives to work with local farmers to protect elephants from hunting and exploitation.

To further enhance the their sustainability journey, Experiential Journeys decided to make their Sri Lankan tours carbon neutral by joining CCC’s Carbon Neutral Checkout® program, which will match a specific amount of carbon offset credits with the carbon footprints of each tour. Experiential Journeys already understands the value of ecotourism and its potential to teach others about how to live a sustainable lifestyle in tune with the natural world. They also understand that traveling to and around exotic destinations has its own negative impacts. “This partnership is the right next step to ensuring that Experiential Journeys message of leaving no negative impacts matches their actions, and that their guests have a way to play their part as well,” says Reed Shapiro, Director of Business Development of CCC.

Through Carbon Neutral Checkout®, each tourist traveling with Experiential Journeys through Sri Lanka can reduce their carbon footprint to net zero by purchasing a number of carbon credits equal the emissions generated from their tour. Purchases can be made through a private link on CCC’s website that is accessible from Experiential Journeys’ website. The money travelers pay for offsets will be used to support local and international carbon credit projects in southeast Asia, and the continuation of those projects’ operations, as they remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

To learn more about the projects you can support, visit CCC’s website, and to book an unforgettable experience, schedule a trip Experiential Journeys.