1 coin per 1 Ton CO2e


When you buy your credits here, you automatically earn C4Coin tokens at CO2KN.

$ 5


We have teamed up with C4Coin—a blockchain-backed cryptocurrency that pays you for carbon credits you purchase. Until now, there has been no financial incentive to retire (or purchase and remove from circulation) carbon credits. For every credit you buy here, the transaction will automatically get recorded in C4Coin’s database, and you will earn CO2KN, the token earned when proof of purchasing and retiring carbon offsets is verified. You can use CO2KNs to vote on the distributed user network for computing capabilities.

The project is designed to change crypto currencies from a high-intensity user of energy (it is said Bitcoin, for example, uses more electricity than the entire country of Ireland, or Denmark), to a net reducer of carbon emissions globally. Together, not only can we make sure the growth of cryptocurrencies is sustainable, but we can also take meaningful climate action right now, while getting rewarded for it.

Offset data

1.00 Metric Ton CO2e / 1 coin

1 Ton


1 Coin