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Household Biogas

Over 2,000 poor rural households in China are capturing methane from animal waste, replacing coal, and improving indoor air quality, all while saving money on energy expenses, and granting members of their families the ability to pursue work and education opportunities. Every purchase transforms a life for the better.

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The Household Biogas Program of Activities reduces methane emissions from pits to store animal manure and provide the households with clean biogas for cooking, heating and lighting in some of China’s 36 official “national poverty counties.” For example, Xuyong, Sichuan receives financial aid from an existing national subsidy program for rural biogas promotion which reimburses low-income farmers for investing in biogas digesters. Xuyong’s PoA also reduces women’s time spent collecting firewood or traveling to purchase fuel, and reduces the amount of household income spent on cooking fuel.  Between reducing methane emissions from animal waste pits, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the use of coal and wood, the 2,000 chosen households account for an annual GHG emission reduction of approximately 4,500 tCO2e (tons of CO2 equivalent).

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Xuyong, Sichuan, China