Experiential Journeys Carbon Offset Package

Enjoy your time in Sri Lanka with Experiential Journeys’ amazing trips. Learn about the culture, food, wild life and the history. Immerse yourself.

Experiential Journeys strives to provide the best experience possible. Now you can make a difference of your own by offsetting the carbon footprint of your trip. In just a few clicks you can erase the environmental impacts associated with your travel and make sure Sri Lanka is a beautiful destination for generations to come!

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Enjoy Your Time In Sri Lanka

Whether you are about to begin your trip, or whether you have just returned, Experiential Journeys strives to provide authentic access to the charm, delight and majesty of the island. You are sure to enjoy (or already have enjoyed) all the wildlife, architecture, adventure, cuisine, and scenic attractions that Sri Lanka has to offer. Experiential Journeys has given much time and attention to creating unforgettable experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in Sri Lanka’s culture, free from animal cruelty and gaudy tourist attractions.

Travel Responsibly

However, as good as Experiential Journeys is at creating fabulous trips, there is only so much one organization can do to be sustainable. Your travel around the island, local accommodations, food consumption, and waste all create unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions contribute to climate change, which puts Sri Lanka at risk due to declines in the health (and therefore attractiveness) of ecosystems that beckon travelers from around the world. As an island nation, Sri Lanka is also faces the risk of rising seas.

This is why Experiential Journeys has set up this portal for you to offset, or eliminate, the carbon emissions created from your trip. Your purchase of this carbon offset package ensures that for whatever emissions are created while on your trip, there are an equal amount of emissions being reduced somewhere else in the world.

The carbon footprint of the average Experiential Journeys trip is about 3.2 metric tonnes (or 7,050 pounds) of greenhouse gas. By buying carbon credits here and now, you ensure you leave a net-zero impact on both Sri Lanka and the world at large, while also contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that work towards goals like zero hunger, zero poverty, education and water for all, etc. La Ferme Bambous, the project supported through your purchase contributes to four SDGs.

About La Ferme Bambous

Along the western rim of the Indian Ocean, 2,500 miles from Sri Lanka, lies the island of Mauritius. Mauritius gets most of its energy from coal and heavy fuel oil. The island struggles with current power generation that includes a significant share of fossil fuel consumption (coal, fuel), as well as electricity capacity additions to meet the demand increase. Mauritius is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and energy transition is critical.

When you offset the emissions from your trip with Experiential Journeys, you are directly contributing to the supply of affordable and clean energy to the central grid. Not only Experiential Journey’s offsets provide renewable energy, but they also provide decent local work and economic growth for 20 permanent full time staff. La Ferme Bambous employs everyone from administrative to management personnel, as well as technicians and security staff to run, protect, and maintain the project. While you immerse yourself in Sri Lankan culture, you’re also contributing to a real technological breakthrough for the island, increasing the solar capacity by a factor of four. 60,800 solar panels, made of high-efficiency, poly-crystalline silicon solar cells with high transmission and tempered glass are a first in Mauritius. Altogether, when you support La Ferme Bambous, you help produce less electricity from coal or heavy fuel oil and keep a project that saves 22,000 tons of CO2 per year up and running out into the future.