1.00 Ton CO2e

Green Composting

GEC Organics helps restore dead soil into healthy, living, vibrant soil. Healthy soil sequesters carbon and makes it easier for plants (like our food) to absorb nutrients, which makes us stronger, smarter, and healthier.

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How your food is grown matters. The food industry has shown to be quite energy intensive due to the intricacies of its systems. Fertilizer, in particular, is commonly used by farmers to speed the process of crop growth. Unfortunately, this practice can greatly impact the environment. Every 100 kilograms of fertilizer produces one kilogram of carbon emissions. With our populations steadily increasing, it is important to find alternatives to such effects. GECO Organic Waste Composting works to create organic soil that is healthier for you and the environment by using less or no fertilizer. By supporting this project, you directly contribute to re-building our basic agricultural industry and preserving the earth.

Visit GEC’s project page to learn more.

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1.00 Metric Ton CO2e

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Alabama, United States