Only Natural Pet Expands Carbon Neutral Product Offerings with Addition of PowerFusion™ Dry Food

With the addition of their PowerFusion™ products, Only Natural Pet now offers 45 products with net-zero climate impact. This spring, we teamed up with our partners at Only Natural Pet to calculate emissions from seven new dry food products. However, as of this month, all seven products are officially carbon neutral for the first quarter of 2018. The PowerFusion™ products include Wild Feast, Red Meat Feast, Poultry Feast, and Small Breed Feast. Carbon Neutral PowerFusion™ can now be purchased at a PetSmart near you.

Robust Calculations Reflect Improved Supply Chain Efficiency at Only Natural Pet

CCC measures the greenhouse gas emissions of PowerFusion™ from raw materials, to processing, manufacture, packaging, and warehousing. The price of each bag reflects the cost to mitigate every gram of greenhouse gas associated with its’ purchase. Needless to say, we study Natural Pet’s supply chain very closely and carefully. Recently ONP made great progress towards making their supply chain greener and more efficient. The distance between manufacture and warehousing is now almost 1,000 miles shorter, avoiding thousands of pounds of GHG every year. As the company grows, this will deliver material carbon savings and will reduce the amount of GHG they will have to offset.


Every Purchase of PowerFusion™ Delivers Positive Impact Around The World

Only Natural Pet is still supporting the ADPML carbon offset project in Pará, Brazil to offset their products. ADPML helps protect native farmers in areas where cattle ranching destroys millions of acres of virgin forest a year. ADPML employs locals to tend the land, and educated in how to diversify crops and improve resiliency. The project also affords more efficient, safer means of energy in the form of clean cook stoves, and a trust to ensure empowering sustainable development. Know that feeding your pooch or kitty PowerFusion™ doesn’t just contribute to your pet’s health, but also the health of the world.


About Only Natural Pet
Only Natural Pet (ONP) is a nationally distributed pet food manufacturer, operating in the United States and Canada. ONP provides a wide variety of thoughtfully and carefully produced pet food and accessory options for both cats and dogs. With an inherent focus on pet health, and corporate and product sustainability, Only Natural Pet has emerged as a clear leader in the pet food industry in both categories. Ingredient transparency, commitment to working with you to foster healthy pets, and a host of sustainability initiatives (including Carbon Neutral Checkout©) make this dedication obviously apparent and make Only Natural Pet equally a bourgeoning force for good in an industry often muddied by lack of information and lack of best practices.