Carbon Neutral Checkout®

Carbon Neutral Checkout®

Carbon neutrality can be as simple as showing up to work and opening your doors to consumers. The world requires immediate, substantial cuts in emissions from products and services globally.  Some companies have planned budgets and targets to reduce emissions, most companies do not.

Carbon Neutral Checkout® helps you mitigate 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your products and services on every sale you make. Our combined Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Offset program delivers custom carbon footprint calculations, and innovative, cost-effective carbon pricing solutions to seamlessly absorb and distribute the cost of carbon neutrality through your business to your customers. Customers and clients will now be able to rightfully claim that by buying from, or working with you they are taking climate action, contributing to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals, and changing the world for the better.

Financially Feasible

Offsets are typically costly investments. However, the cost to mitigate emissions associated with individual products and services is often negligible. We help you build the cost to neutralize your product and/or services’ emissions into the price your customers or clients pay. You achieve the same results as buying carbon credits directly, but at no cost to your company. We can also help you implement creative opt-in, or opt-out models for your clients or customers to choose whether or not they want to offset their purchases.

Hit Tomorrow’s Goals Today

Even companies with substantial resources have a hard time reducing emissions by more than 5-10% annually. In addition to a no-cost implementation option, Carbon Neutral Checkout® delivers both supply chain management insights and a fully marketable, end-to-end CSR story that results in 100% net emissions reductions on every item you sell immediately upon implementation.

Logistically Simple

Carbon Neutral Checkout® is designed to fit directly into your existing operations, tasks, roles, product make-ups, and manufacturing processes. No need for a new employee or administrative process—we customize solutions to compliment what you do every day in ways your teams can hardly notice, will easily understand, and can run seamlessly with time commitments generally under 15 hours per year. Simply by selling the products you know so well, you will automatically make the emissions of every product line or service sold carbon neutral, at checkout.

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