Carbon Neutral Clothing

Cubreme, a fellow B-Corp based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is known for its commitment to promoting local economic growth and organic fibers, joined the Carbon Neutral Checkout™ program in 2016 with a goal of minimizing the environmental impact of their line of clothing for men and women.

Since Cubreme’s inception, the company has focused on improving performance across three impacts: environmental, social and economic. the conversation between CCC and Cubreme has been centered on helping Cubreme achieve at least one of these objectives. First, Carbon Credit Capital has calculated the carbon emissions that result from the production of each piece of clothing Cubreme makes, which includes the materials used, the manufacturing phase, packaging and the distribution of finished products to the store where they are sold.

Cubreme was born out of a decision to create simple, noble and timeless textiles, and objects that awaken in each person a desire for belonging and perpetuity. I felt the necessity to communicate social, economic, and environmental values in a different way: through natural and regional fibers, showing our clients the positive impact caused by their purchase of our garments. Today, Cubreme helps to shape and follow the work of organic cotton in the Chaco province, the protection of wild guanacos in the Cuyo Region, and ethical wool production in Patagonia. Cubreme uses natural fibers, preserving their purest and most authentic state. Throughout production processes, the brand is able to study and protect manual loom techniques and co-participate with local agricultural producers to develop a clean and valuable supply chain that aspires to a more equitable and long-term economy. Our Alliance with CCC is one more step down the path towards leaving a footprint that does good in the world.Alejandra Gottelli, Founder & CEO of Cubreme

CCC has calculated the kg of CO2e (the amount of emissions) per kg of piece of clothing. Each of Cubreme’s clothing products has different emissions, and so each different piece of clothing has a specific dollar value associated with the cost to offset the emissions of that individual garment. Cubreme has built the Carbon Neutral Checkout™ pricing model into the cost of the specified clothes, so company’s consumers are also engaged in the process of contributing to carbon mitigation. When a piece of clothing that has been integrated into Carbon Neutral Checkout™ is sold, the added cost gets put towards our portfolio of projects that actively either remove or destroy GHGs from the atmosphere, while also providing job opportunities and transforming communities.

Moreover, Cubreme’s line of clothing is not only organic; it is also now carbon neutral. Cubreme now has a better understanding of each product’s carbon footprint, which will give them insight as to what parts of their value chain are the most carbon intensive, and which are not. As a result, Cubreme is a more sustainable company acting as an example for others who wish to respect the environment by developing new sustainable initiatives.