Carbon Neutral Ride Sharing

Carbon Credit Capital welcomes Nashville-based social impact technology company Hytch, LLC to our family of brands offering carbon neutral products and services.

Hytch Rewards: Financial Incentives to Ride-Share, Alleviate Traffic Congestion, Improve Air Quality, Build Community in Urban Areas.

In early February 2018, Hytch, LLC launched an application for iPhone and Android called Hytch Rewards. The app tracks, validates and rewards shared miles each time two or more people track their ride. Users are rewarded for all forms of ridesharing, including carpooling, ride-hail services, or even public transit like the bus or train.

Hytch has already rewarded over 750,000 Vehicle Miles Not Driven (VMND). That’s equivalent to saving 14,900 trees, or avoiding 220 tonnes of CO2 emissions from vehicle use throughout Tennessee.

A Great Service, Verifiably Differentiated

Hytch rides are inherently carbon neutral. Each time at least two people share a ride, the miles not driven by the passenger offset the miles driven by the driver. Hytch Rewards’ methodology suggests that when three or more individuals track their shared miles, the ride is carbon negative. Miles not driven by three passengers individually avoid more CO2 than the single trip of three passengers emits.

Despite this impact however, Hytch has chosen to go one step beyond incentivizing and tracking neutral rides by partnering with Carbon Credit Capital to voluntarily offset the direct emissions from miles that are actually driven. The nature of our partnership yields itself to Carbon Neutral Checkout® beautifully.

Now, every carpool, bus, and train ride tracked through Hytch Rewards will be undeniably carbon neutral, and arguably carbon negative. The company has preemptively offset the first 2 million miles driven and/or ridden on the app. Hytch will continue to offset unavoidable emissions driven on their network as it grows, in intervals of 1 million miles.

Hytch, LLC has chosen a wind power project to offset vehicle miles through our partners in India, Infinite Solutions. The project in Jaibhim is Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) verified and advances 5 separate UN Sustainable Development Goals, including:

No Poverty (1), Good Health & Well-Being (3), Affordable & Clean Energy (7), Decent Work & Economic Growth (8), and Industry Innovation & Infrastructure (9)

The project delivers zero emissions renewable electricity to India’s national grid. The wind power project consists of 16 turbines, each with a capacity of 2100 kW. The project improves air quality in local communities by avoiding solid waste normally associated with coal-fired power plants.

Get Ready for Carbon Neutral Ride-Sharing & Better Rewards Nationwide

The Hytch Rewards app is currently available nationwide as a means for tracking shared miles, and visualizing environmental impact from shared transit decisions. Additional cash rewards are currently available in Tennessee, with concentrated incentives in the greater Nashville region as part of the Hytch urban pilot program. Rewards will be made available in other major metropolitan areas as new sponsors sign on to bring cash rewards to more people nationwide. To learn more about the Hytch Rewards app and partnership opportunities, visit