Carbon Neutral Personal Lubricant

World’s First Carbon Neutral Personal Lubricant

We are proud to share our collaboration with fellow B-Corp, Good Clean Love, and their Almost Naked organic personal lubricant. Good Clean Love’s brand is built on the best science, the best ingredients and an ethos of, well, love. Their products are made from organic ingredients, formulated to promote sexual health and wellbeing, and to bring partners closer together. Now, every bottle of Almost Naked you purchase will also be carbon neutral, meaning that it’s both good for you, and leaves no environmental damage.

Evidence that climate change and a warming climate negatively effect human health is constantly growing. Whether we often think of it or not, sexual health is every bit as implicated as all other health factors. In our partnership with Good Clean Love, we seek to make this link, dare we say, explicit. We teamed up with Good Clean Love to offer the world’s first carbon neutral personal lubricant.

How Can A Personal Lubricant Be Carbon Neutral?

CCC conducted a Life Cycle Assessment from ‘Cradle-to-Gate’ to measure the greenhouse gas emissions associated with every bottle. We looked at GHG emissions produced by extracting raw materials, processing of raw materials, energy use in manufacture. We also considered product inputs like packaging, and final distribution to warehousing.

Now, every time you buy a bottle of Almost Naked you’ll also mitigate the carbon emissions of the entire bottle. We are offsetting Almost Naked’s emissions through our GEC Organics carbon offset project in Castleberry, Alabama. The project takes dead soil and adds a proprietary mixture of chicken litter and microbes. The mixture brings the soil back to life in the form of a rich organic fertilizer. This revitalized, healthy soil sequesters carbon dioxide, and the substitution of organic compost for synthetic fertilizers further avoids greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon revenues from each bottle of Almost Naked will be aggregated quarterly and invested into GEC’s operation to fund the exact amount of emissions reductions needed to offset the emissions from that period.

More About Good Clean Love

We are proud to partner with Good Clean Love to offer another “world’s first,” however, we have more in common than a bottle of aloe. Both Carbon Credit Capital and Good Clean Love are woman-owned. Both are certified B-Corporations, members of the Green America Green Business Network, and companies working to make the world a better place for the people we employ, the communities we serve, the products we produce, and of course the environment in which we produce and use them.

Good Clean Love’s mission is to make love more sustainable. They are already doing a great job by being an exemplary steward of the environment in their procurement. CCC is here to help “take them all the way.”

To purchase a bottle of Almost Naked, visit Good Clean Love’s website and check it out for yourself!