Carbon Neutral Pet Food

Boulder-based Only Natural Pet joined the Carbon Neutral Checkout® program in 2016 with a focus on minimizing the environmental impact of their sourcing and product processing operations.

We have contracted with them to calculate the carbon emissions from sourced ingredients, to manufacture and their distribution warehouses where shipments go out to customers. They have built the Carbon Neutral Checkout® pricing model into the specified products, so end consumers are engaged in the process of contributing to carbon mitigation. We calculate kg of CO2 per kg of product, which yields a specific dollar value necessary to offset the emissions associated with a products’ value chain within this boundary. Thus, when they sell one of the products that has been integrated into Carbon Neutral Checkout®, the added cost gets put towards our projects, which funds production of more carbon mitigation.

“The process of offsetting a product’s carbon emissions by investing in global sustainability projects is a more common approach in industries such as airline travel or shipping. But, it’s much newer to the consumer packaged goods industry – especially within the pet food industry. We’re thrilled to be a leading pet food brand that is applying these innovative practices to help improve our environment.”Marty Grosjean, CEO & Founder of Only Natural Pet

This model creates a closed loop where the purchase of Carbon Neutral Checkout® products funds the mitigation efforts necessary to neutralize the footprint of that products’ value chain. Products go from solely being a source of environmental impact, to being a source of environmental mitigation as well.

Furthermore, Only Natural Pet now has a better understanding of each product’s carbon footprint, and will benefit from quarterly and annual breakdowns of those footprints, which will give them insight as to what parts of their value chain are carbon intensive, and which are not. Only Natural Pet is not only making itself better as a company, but is also contributing to genuine low-carbon projects via Carbon Neutral Checkout®.

To date, Only Natural Pet has 18 bags of cat and dog food, and 43 different product sub-types available for purchase as carbon neutral products. They have made over 690,000 transactions carbon neutral, and mitigated almost 17,000 metric tonnes, or more than 37 million pounds of greenhouse gas, or as much impact as planting 437,000 trees and letting them grow for 10 years.