Project Development & Advisory Services

Carbon Credit Capital has a history of innovation in carbon offset project development and methodology verification. We pioneered the world’s first CDM-approved methodology for generating carbon offsets from electronic waste recycling, and have experience in developing projects from forestry, to renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

We no longer develop or fund carbon offset project development independently, however, we do still offer the following services for those aspiring to develop carbon offset projects of their own.

Methodology Consultation & Development

In order to sell carbon credits, every carbon offset project must incorporate a methodology, approved by one of the world’s leading carbon offset standards. Our consultation and development services help you identify essential information, draft, and submit a comprehensive project methodology for approval by the development standard most appropriate for your methodology.

Project Design Documentation Advisory

Once methodologies are approved, project developers must produce a document describing how the methodology is applied to their specific project, or set of activities. We assess, draft, and help formalize Project Design Documents (PDDs), and arrange for their audit by approved third-party verifiers.

Monitoring Plan Advisory

Upon obtaining an improved Project Design, CCC helps project developers construct the documents and processes that third-party verifiers need to determine the actual amount of Greenhouse Gas avoided or sequestered by a project. We assist in the drafting of these documents, and act as liaison between verifiers and project developers to ensure documents contain the right information, are compiled appropriately, and that someone familiar with the verification, validation and issuance process is able to help you make the best decisions every step of the way.