Xuyong Household Biogas Project

Protecting climate and human health

The Xuyong Household Biogas program of activities protects the climate and human health and well being in several ways. The project reduces risk of disease from animal waste, and replaces coal with free, clean burning, constantly renewable biogas. This provides substantial improvements to indoor air quality, savings on health, and energy costs. It also gives local women employment opportunities and young children the capacity to go to school.

Reduce Poverty for China’s Poorest Counties

Registered in 2012, the Xuyong Project is integrated into the existing infrastructure framework of the Sichuan Household Biogas Programme of Activities (PoA). Xuyong County is one of the 36 counties that have been officially defined as “national poverty counties” to qualify for economic assistance from the government. This project is targeted to support up to 2,000 Xuyong farmer households by installing efficient digesters on their premises. These proven and reliable systems reduce methane emissions originating from the widely used pits to store animal manure and provide the households with clean biogas for cooking, heating and lighting.

Scale Impact with Every Purchase

In addition to financial aid from an existing national subsidy scheme for rural biogas promotion, the project reimburses a considerable portion of revenues from sales of its carbon credits to participating low-income farmers, creating an important incentive for qualifying rural households to invest in biogas digesters and start construction.

Empower Local Communities

This project also helps reduce the time spent by women collecting firewood or traveling to purchase fuel, and reduces the amount of household income spent on cooking fuel.  Due to the reduction of methane emissions originating from the pits and of carbon dioxide emissions caused by the common use of coal and wood as cooking fuel, the 2,000 chosen households account for an annual GHG emission reduction of approximately 4,500 tCO2e (tonnes of CO2 equivalent). Moreover, the manure treated in a biogas system has a much higher fertilizer quality than manure originating from incomplete digestion processes in the commonly used pits.

Feedback from Xuyong Household Biogas Project Beneficiaries

“The bio-slurry can be applied to the fields for growing crops. So I can reduce the costs for farming by spending less on chemical fertilizer. As the vegetables are free of pollution, we feel more confident eating them. The crops have also a better yield.”

— Household Mr. Li Chaoping

“My name is Mu Qilian. I am 61 years old. There are six people in my family. My wife and I are both farmers. My daughter is married and is working outside. My grandson is a student. I use the money saved from the costs of fuel to support his education costs.”

— Household Mr. Mu Qilian

Project Details


Xuyong County, Sichuan Province, China


Gold Standard

Annual Reductions

4,500 tCO2e


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