SA Expeditions Partners with Carbon Credit Capital to Offer Carbon Neutral Tours

New York, NY

Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) is pleased to expand its partnerships with the welcome of SA Expeditions (SA)—which provides tailor-made, once in a lifetime adventures throughout the Americas – into the Carbon Neutral Checkout® program as a carbon-neutral travel booking service.

SA Expeditions is run by a network of travel professionals from a diversity of backgrounds and places, and over four continents and seven countries. SA’s mission is to ensure travel to pristine environments and cultures results in stewardship of their communities and ecologies, and makes future preservation of it all a default.SA is living up to its founding creed by having a global workforce, ensuring that each trip booked supports locals’ livelihoods. Conservation and actionable awareness are also built into the bedrock of each itinerary SA books for clients.

SA and CCC have teamed up to catalog the greenhouse gas emissions associated with each trip SA books and build the costs to offset them with verified and validated carbon credits. Now, each trip a client books with SA will be a carbon-neutral expedition. CCC helped SA verify the carbon footprint of each trip available for booking to determine a per-day, per-person carbon footprint from travel, food, accommodation and whatever else may be relevant to emissions of a given trip.

SA will be supporting the ADPML anti-deforestation project in the Pará region of Brazil, which preserves Amazon forest at risk of deforestation by squatters, cattle ranchers, and illegal loggers, to offset each trips’ carbon footprint. The project protects approximately 150,000 hectares of virgin Amazon rainforest from deforestation. ADPML provides sustainable jobs, a trust fund for responsible economic development, and improves air quality with clean cookstoves for the local community, which reduces smoke pollutants for families employed by the project living in the project area. Moreover, the project also benefits the wellbeing of over 30 species of local wildlife. Over the course of the project lifetime, it will prevent nearly 22.2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions released to the atmosphere.

Corey Jay, Project Manager of SA Expeditions is excited about the move. “Going carbon neutral with CCC is a key step in our company’s journey in balancing profit with purpose,” she says. “We have always used Mark Twain’s proclamation that ‘travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness’ as our guiding star, and we are now delighted to guarantee that travel with SA will not be fatal to precious environments.”

“We are firm believers that travel helps expand and open one’s mind for the better,” says Reed Shapiro, CCC’s director of business development. “We’re especially delighted to be partnered with a company like SA Expeditions because of their commitment to ensuring these trips don’t simply enrich the traveler’s wellbeing, but also the locations and communities where the trips take place as well. The world is a beautiful place and it should be seen. Curbing emissions doesn’t need equate to ‘you can’t ever leave your town again.’ There are ways to travel sustainably that are popping up, and we’re proud to be a part of enabling more people to visit South America in a way that truly does benefit everyone in it.”