Saie Beauty Launches Carbon Neutral Shipping on Clean and Sustainable Beauty Products

October 15, 2020- Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) has entered a new partnership with Saie, a clean makeup brand dedicated to making non-toxic, high-performing and sustainable products that are good for the wearer and the environment.

By partnering with CCC, Saie will now offset all carbon emissions related to transportation across the company’s entire value chain.

Saie was founded and recently launched by former Estee Lauder executive, Laney Crowell, and a team of beauty industry experts who were tired of choosing between good, clean ingredients and the products that worked well but did harm to their bodies and the environment. Saie develops “best-in-class formulas using ethically sourced ingredients with world class chemists,” and promises to always strive to do better. Saie believes that makeup shouldn’t be bad for the people who use it and offers full transparency in their list of ingredients (as well as what substances buyers can be sure will never be found in Saie products).

Saie’s management team was interested in carbon offsetting and had wanted to offer carbon-neutral products to their end customers, but were not sure how feasible it would be for a company that just launched in November. Carbon Credit Capital helped Saie frame how the company could build from a simple offsetting initiative, to a more robust framework over time. Emissions from transportation—including team travel, upstream movement of product components, and shipments along downstream distribution routes—were identified as low-hanging fruit. Transportation data was readily available for the Saie team to take this first step, and considerable groundwork has already been undertaken to allow for the expansion of the scope of the carbon neutrality program beyond shipping emissions over time.

“Sustainability within the beauty industry is a big issue and we’ve approached it holistically since our inception, which means thinking about how everything – from ingredients, to sourcing, to packaging – has an impact on our planet,” said Crowell. “There’s no way to solve it overnight, but we always want to be making progress and taking the right steps. We ultimately want to have a carbon neutral product program that offsets all of our product-related emissions, so this is exactly the type of long-term sustainability work we want to be engaged with. The ability to join the program with just transportation as a simple first step is really great, because we can take our time to get it right, and set up a strong foundation to study our whole value-chains impact and improve our company’s actual emissions over time.”

Saie has purchased carbon credits to make all transportation emissions associated with their full product assortment carbon neutral. The team will also offset all corporate travel to make their own movements carbon neutral as well. The credits Saie funds come from a project in the Amazon dedicated to ensuring hundreds of thousands of acres of rainforest are never logged, which also protects upwards of 30 at-risk species, provides jobs, energy resources and trainings to local families, and improves both the quality of overall environment and human life. The project has been re-certified in 2020 verifying that even amid heavy logging, wildfires, and slash-and-burn practices in the region, project has continued to protect the identified 144,000 hectares (~355,000 acres) and improve both lives and carbon sequestration rates at full scale and capacity since its first verification in 2012.

As Saie adds more products to their growing collection, it will also add more of each products’ emissions to the scope of the carbon neutrality program. The next piece of their emissions to be studied is to be determined, however, both Saie and CCC plan to use each new round of greenhouse gas analysis as insight towards ultimately developing a less emissions-intensive product.

“It’s not easy as a start-up to go above and beyond for sustainability and transparency, especially in an industry like fashion, which is typically shrouded in secrecy, but that’s exactly what Saie is doing,” remarked CCC’s Director of Business Development, Reed Shapiro. “We are happy to provide a manageable path to mapping impact, taking action now, and working towards a better product with Saie. We are excited to be a part of the proof case for clean fashion, and look forward to helping Saie build a more robust understanding of their impact, and a program to reduce those impacts to zero along with it.”