What You Did Not Know about Your Thanksgiving Feast

Ready For Your Thanksgiving Feast? We are excited about the delicious food and the moment that we can get together with family and friends, while we also wonder about the feast’s environmental impact. Therefore, we have analyzed the traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu and here is each dish’s carbon emissions.

  • 1 Roasted Turkey and Stuffing: 10.9 kg CO2e
  • Mashed Potatoes: 101 g CO2e
  • Dinner Rolls: 42 g CO2e
  • Tomato Soup: 54 g CO2e
  • Green Bean Casserole: 78 g CO2e
  • Beans: 54 g CO2e
  • Pot Roast: 8.19 kg CO2e
  • 3 Corn on the Cob: 1.24 kg CO2e
  • 1 Glass of Apple Juice: 1.08 g CO2e
  • 1 Bottle of Red/White Wine: 1.04 kg CO2e
  • Cookies: 153 g CO2e
  • 1 Slice of Cake: 155 g CO2e
  • 1 Print of Ice Cream: 0.91 kg CO2e
  • 1 Cup of Coffee: 71 g CO2e

Total: about 23 kg CO2e, which equals 56.4 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle, or 25.2 pounds of coal burned.

As you celebrate the holiday with love ones, eliminate your carbon emissions to show love for Mother Nature.


Note: CO2e is short for “Carbon dioxide equivalent”.  It is a term for describing different greenhouse gases in a common unit. For any quantity and type of greenhouse gas, CO2e signifies the amount of CO2 which would have the equivalent global warming impact.