Yoga Yacht NYC—A Carbon Neutral Party

Last Thursday, a few members of Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”)’s team were able to skip out a little early and board a speedy touring yacht headed for Rockaway Beach. The occasion, Yoga Yacht, started by Daisy Yoga’s founder, Lauren Coles, and Emily Griesing, was a night filled with mingling, yoga and fun on the beach, and a little cocktail party sponsored by Naked Turtle Rum (who ensure the protection of turtles with every bottle) on the way home.

It was also carbon neutral.

CCC partnered with Yoga Yacht to calculate and offset the emissions from chartering the boat, and its use of resources in operation for the night. The wellness retreat is focused on creating a connection between land, sea, yourself and others. Yoga Yacht has also ensured the sponsors, products, and takeaways from the experience match this ethos of wellness, connection, and giving back. Some of the other sponsors include GT Kombucha, Harmless Harvest coconut water, WTRMLN WTR (a watermelon drink), Naked Turtle Rum, 100 for All, Global Food Solutions, Unify, and Up Mountain Swizzle sparkling switchel.

Along with the environmental impact mitigation CCC provides, the mix of companies orchestrating the evening covered the fair treatment and pay for at-risk value chain stakeholders (poor coconut farmers), organic certification, wildlife conservation, digestion health, and the provision of safe drinking water to those without it on massive scales.

There was also a raffle held for attendees for gifts, apparel and experiences donated by a number of B-Corporations and other purpose-driven companies.

Yoga Yacht just goes to show that great getaways, filled with lux atmospheres, and intimate private experiences, can be truly positive for all stakeholders involved (the people on the boat, the companies putting the event together, the employees at those companies, the customers who consume those products, the environment itself), without compromise. Life is not a zero-sum game—the more events that happen around the world like Yoga Yacht, the more we will be able to realize this abundance everywhere!

We look forward to helping make future Yoga Yachts carbon neutral for years to come.