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We help companies do their part in the fight against climate change and achieve their unique sustainability goals.

We support local and international clients by connecting them with high quality carbon credit projects, providing sustainability education, and developing innovative solutions that guarantee effective climate action.

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Climate Change and Carbon Markets

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Climate Change & Carbon Markets

The Essential Carbon Credit Report for Sustainability & ESG Pros.

Lead the charge on climate action!

Get the facts, data, and insights to drive impact as a sustainability professional.


Providing Businesses with Carbon Accounting Solutions

Project Development and Advisory

We guide you through the process to get your project approved by Verra or Gold Standard.

Using our 15+ years of experience with carbon projects, we work with you to develop and validate your carbon credit project.

Once approved, we can also help market your annual credit issuance to companies around the world.


Carbon Neutral Checkout

Start your company’s journey to a more sustainable future! 

We guide you through the process of measuring your Scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions.

Help you choose a high quality Carbon Credit project to support. Matching your company values with projects around the world. 

Share your sustainability story with your clients!  


Carbon Footprint Calculations

We use internationally recognized standards to measure your Scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions. 

Working up and down your supply chain to identify the biggest sources of carbon emissions.

Then create a plan to transition to more sustainable sources to match your sustainability goals.  


Wholesale Carbon Brokerage

We are always on the lookout for the most innovative and impactful Carbon Credit projects available on the global market. 

With over 15 years of experience in carbon markets, we connect you with trusted project developers and complete thorough due diligence on every project.


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About CCC

Olivia is an energy and environmental expert with 18 years experience in global environmental policy, finance, and carbon markets.

As President of Carbon Credit Capital, Olivia specializes in climate risks and provides guidance on corporate sustainability practices.

With over 18 years of experience and industry expertise, we proudly offer some of the best carbon management services available.


We make it easy for individuals and companies to fight climate change by supporting projects that reduce, avoid, or destroy greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

We specialize in linking international and local partners to high-quality carbon emission reduction projects in developing and domestic markets through both traditional sales channels and innovative initiatives, programs, and partnerships.

We believe it should be possible for anyone, anywhere in the world to reduce carbon emissions, gain climate education, achieve emissions reduction targets and goals, and implement innovative solutions that guarantee effective climate action.

Please visit Our solutions page to learn more about how we work. More Information you can find at About Us page.


Carbon credits are generated from projects around the world that pull Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) out of the atmosphere or keep emissions from being released. Each time a project verifies they have reduced, avoided, or destroyed one metric tonne of GHG, one carbon credit is created. If you emit one tonne of GHG, and fund or purchase one tonne of emissions reduction, you have a net carbon footprint of zero.
A carbon offset project can be defined as any project, or set of deliberate activities that reduce the amount of greenhouse gas (mainly Carbon Dioxide) in the atmosphere. Offset projects must submit to at least three rounds of auditing by regulatory bodies, from methodology development, to specific project design, to monitoring of results. Only after an offset project has had its methodology and project design approved can it get monitored to earn credits. At regular intervals a third-party auditor will assess the project, monitor results and, depending on how many metric tonnes the project has reduced, that is how many credits the project is awarded.