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Indian Wind Power

Location: Maharashtra, India     Status: Completed

EKI produces wind energy in India’s most industrialized state, where the local grid is strained daily by peak energy demands. The region often experiences rolling black and brown-outs that result in no electricity. This project provides a reliable source of renewable energy and replaces coal, which reduces the amount of local air pollution. In addition, the project provides educational opportunities to young girls and employment opportunities for local laborers.

Sichuan Household Biogas Project

Location: Sichuan Province, China     Status: Completed

The Sichuan Household Biogas program of activities protects the climate and human health and well being in several ways. The project reduces risk of disease animal waste, replaces coal with free, clean burning, constantly renewable biogas made from the animal waste, provides substantial improvements to indoor air quality, savings on health, energy costs, and affords local women employment opportunities and young children the capacity to go to school.

Inner Mongolia Forest Conservation

Location: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China     Status: Completed

The Inner Mongolia Keyihe IFM (Improved Forest Management) is a conversion of logged to protected forest located in the Greater Khingan Range of Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of northern China. Although Inner Mongolia is more so known for its green steppes and arid deserts, the Greater Khingan Range is host to old-growth forests that have been used for hunting by the Oroqen and Evenki peoples for centuries. In recent years, logging has become the predominant economic activity within the region due to economic hardship that has persisted since the occupation of Manchuria.

Organic Chicken Waste

Location: Alabama, United States     Status: SOLD OUT

GEC Organics takes dead soil that releases its carbon, and brings it back to life, turning it into a carbon “sink,” that once again removes greenhouse gas from the air and turns it into food for healthier, more nutritious soil and crops. GEC combats climate change by reversing a long trend of depleted topsoil, and regenerates the foundation of our agricultural system.

Amazon Rainforest Conservation Project

Location: Pará, Brazil     Status: SOLD OUT

ADPML works with 80 indigenous families to train them in land and land-use stewardship in an area of the Brazilian rainforest that is being logged rapidly and illegally to make room for cattle ranching that further degrades the land.