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Artisan Dental Becomes the 1st Carbon Neutral General Dental Practice in the United States

Madison, Wisconsin – September 28th, 2020 – Artisan Dental, based in Madison, Wisconsin has partnered with Carbon Credit Capital and Green Trees to certify Artisan Dental as the first carbon neutral general dental practice in the United States. Artisan Dental now offsets 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions associated with the company’s operation including team business travel, team member commutes, office energy, and procurement of all supplies and materials required to provide oral health care services.

Artisan Dental Becomes the 1st Carbon Neutral General Dental Practice

As a Certified B Corporation, Artisan Dental is a participant in the larger “Business For Good” movement. Artisan Dental’s “Business for Good” model has earned a range of recognitions, including being named a Wisconsin, Force For Positive Change award winner, Dane County Small Business award winner, three time “Best Places to Work” award winner.

Artisan Dental is committed to providing exceptional quality care while using sustainable business practices such as the procurement of 100% renewable energy, partnering with the City of Madison to offer the area’s first oral care products recycling program and a range of community and philanthropic initiatives.

Working with Carbon Credit Capital to measure and offset 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with its operations will be another significant step in Artisan Dental’s sustainability journey. Artisan Dental will be purchasing carbon offset credits from the Green Tree’s reforestation program in the Mississippi Valley. Green Trees’ (ACRE-Advanced Carbon Restored Eco-system) program plants new forests to sequester carbon, restore bio-diversity, clean and restore watersheds through new eco-system creation on degraded lands throughout the Mississippi Valley.

Scott Andersen, co-owner and Director of Stakeholder Stewardship at Artisan Dental is excited about Artisan Dental’s leadership within the dental industry, sharing, “Becoming carbon neutral is another key step in realizing our mission to serve all of the stakeholders connected to our business. The environment has always been one of Artisan Dental’s most important stakeholders based on our appreciation of the wide range of ecological services the environment provides. We feel we have both a responsibility and opportunity to be good stewards of the environment we all enjoy and depend on.”

“We are thrilled to help Artisan become the first carbon neutral general dentists’ office in the country” remarked Reed Shapiro, Carbon Credit Capital’s Director of Business Development. “Artisan’s commitment to thoroughly understanding their carbon footprint together with their goal of achieving zero emissions is an excellent example of what companies of all sizes can do to address the climate crisis. For the world to successfully eliminate the climate crisis, we will need not only the full participation of large multi-national corporations, but also and small, locally owned businesses like Artisan Dental.”

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About Artisan Dental: Artisan Dental is a mission, vision, and values oriented general dental practice in Madison, Wisconsin. Artisan’s mission is to optimize the health and happiness of our patients, team members, suppliers, community and the environment through exceptional quality care and sustainable business practices.As part of an ongoing effort to enact its mission, Artisan Dental became Wisconsin a certified B Corporation in 2017. Artisan’s business model has been recognized as a Wisconsin Force Positive Change, Dane County Small Business and multi-year “Best Places to Work” award winner.

About Caron Credit Capital (CCC): Carbon Credit Capital is a Manhattan-based carbon footprint management company with over 10 years of experience in voluntary carbon markets. They help companies calculate the carbon footprint of their operations, products, and services, and develop carbon pricing models for brands and consumers alike to make everyday purchases carbon neutral.The world-class carbon offset projects (CCC) supports not only reduce emissions, but also provide local communities with healthier environments, more resilient economies, and brighter futures.

Carbon Credit Capital is on a mission to increase global understanding and adoption of carbon emissions reduction strategies that help corporations, universities, non-profits, individuals, and governmental bodies reduce their carbon emissions towards zero, in ways that are logistical feasible and financially affordable.

About Green Trees: GreenTrees, wholly owned by ACRE Investment Management, LLC (AIM,) partners with landowners, corporate buyers, and industry professionals to reap the financial and ecological rewards from growing world-class forests on marginal farmland bordering the North American river systems. As a global reforestation leader, GreenTrees mission is to bring scale to conservation by putting a price and value on natural capital linking the biological world to the transactional marketplace. For more information, visit