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Carbon Credit Capital Summary for 2019

Carbon Credit Capital Summary:

As we exit 2019, and the last decade becomes history, we have taken some time to reflect on our work over the past 12 months and what it means for CCC moving forward into 2020 and beyond. While there was much conflict, 2019 also indicates cause for real optimism based on the actions taken by key stakeholders around the world.

2019 was the second-hottest year on record
2019 marked a record high in global greenhouse gas emissions
2019 witnessed the growing intensity of wildfires around the world
2019 also marked the inclusion of youth voices on climate issues and action
2019 saw more than 60 countries pledges to reach net-zero emissions by 2050

In the midst of considerable despair and twinklings of hope about the environment, Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) has held true to its founding mission to make it easy and affordable for companies and people around the world to take action and reduce their emissions. In 2019, we were able to expand our impact with considerable additions to both the number of companies, products, and services we help go carbon neutral, as well as the size and influence of clients we keep. This Summary highlights some of our most notable progress and accomplishments in 2019.

Carbon Neutral Checkout®

Our Carbon Neutral Checkout® Program has grown since 2015 into a robust solution that allows organizations to reduce emissions by engaging with customers. We see more and more programs like it popping up around the world. We feel this is a testament to our long-term vision and our place as an innovator and leader in the voluntary carbon markets globally. In 2019 we added businesses of all sizes to CNC, and they have duly played their part in avoiding the worst of the climate emergency. The infographic below showcases some of the accomplishments we achieved through the Carbon Neutral Checkout® program in 2019 alone and highlights our year-end totals in terms of products available for purchase as carbon neutral, and total carbon neutral transactions through our partners in the calendar year.




In addition to offsetting products, CCC also helps services and events calculate and offset their emissions as well. Here is a list of events that CCC was invited to attend as an official carbon offset partner, as well as events we organized ourselves in 2019:

1% for the Planet Global Summit
CCC was invited to attend the Global Summit as an Offset Partner for the second year in a row to help attendees offset their carbon footprint from their travels in and out of the gathering, including transportation, as well as local accommodation and food. More than 20% of attendees voluntarily purchased carbon offsets to reduce emissions from their travels to, and from the Summit, effectively making ⅕ of the event carbon neutral. Some of the contacts CCC made at the summit have turned into long-term partners, most notably in Made Trade.

Earth Day at Union Square
2019 also marks our second year as a partner with the Earth Day Initiative. Here, CCC’s whole team set up shop in Union Square North to help vendors and attendees offset their carbon emissions caused by attending Earth Day New York 2019 at Union Square. A total of 9.41 metric tonnes (20,745.5 lbs) of carbon emissions associated with the event were offset by dozens of attendees and several vendors.

Good Clean Love Instagram Live Talk
In partnership with Good Clean Love—a Carbon Neutral Checkout® partner, whose Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant sold in Whole Foods around the country has been carbon neutral since 2018—we held our first live talk on Instagram promoting a healthy sex life. This talk aimed to engage the public on incorporating more sustainable lifestyles and making conscious choices about the products we buy and use on our bodies.

Be Social Change Sustainability (Spring/Summer) Connector
Be Social Change announced its partnership with CCC to offset its full programming footprint for 2019-2020. At the event, our Director of Business Development, Reed Shapiro, spoke on a panel about how carbon offsets can help businesses achieve sustainability goals and fit into the bigger picture of their sustainability strategy.

NYC Climate Week—Marketplace of the Future
As an Offset Partner, CCC helped the Marketplace of the Future’s visitors and attendees offset their carbon footprint from their travels to and from the event during NYC’s Climate Week 2019. CCC set up an interactive display where data from attendees was captured in real-time, allowing us to measure the emissions of the event accurately and in a way that participants could touch and see. We also allowed attendees to vote on which of our offset projects they wanted the monies raised to go towards. About 113 metric tonnes of carbon emissions will be offset by Marketplace of the Future’s organizers as an example of how easy it is to build the cost to offset emissions into the price of a ticketed event. The credits will go towards our ADPML afforestation project in Pará, Brazil.

COP 25—B Corp Net Zero 2030
At the 25th Conference of Parties (COP25) in Madrid, Carbon Credit Capital, together with over 500 fellow B Corporations, has publicly committed to reaching net-zero emissions by the year 2030, accelerating the reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions to reach a 1.5-degree trajectory 20 years ahead of the 2050 targets set in the Paris Agreement.


CCC’s Own Impact

Internally, we keep challenging ourselves to build an equal and diverse working environment as a team. CCC has been honored as an Inclusive Economy Changemaker by B-Lab for its work in the 2019 Inclusive Economy Challenge.

Externally, the CCC team shared its knowledge in the field at multiple domestic and international events. For example, our Director of Business Development Reed Shapiro spoke at COP 25 in Madrid as a guest on a panel about how Voluntary Carbon Markets will evolve post-2020 organized by Turkey (the country). It has been several years since CCC’s founder, Olivia Fussell spoke at a COP. CCC is yet again leading conversations about where the industry will go in the coming years.


To 2020

While so much seems wrong with the world, 2019 was also a fruitful journey. CCC has solidified itself at the foundation of the demand for carbon-neutral products and services, and we have created a meaningful impact with regard to carbon emission reduction. We look forward to a new year filled with exciting breakthroughs with you!