Social Cost of Carbon

The social cost of carbon (SCC) is an extremely important tool for understanding our global climate change situation and determining the most cost-effective solutions. However, many people do not fully comprehend it, so this article will explain what it is and how it is used to build better environmental policies. What is the Social Cost […]

How is the Price of Carbon Determined?

The price of carbon can vary widely. Compliance carbon trading systems have pricing based on local economies and systems, but even voluntary market prices can have a huge variance depending on many factors. This article will illuminate some of the factors that affect the price of carbon and help you to understand the pricing of […]

How to Become Carbon Neutral as an Individual.

To truly slow the effects of global warming on our planet, each individual needs to bring sustainable practices into their everyday lives. This guide will show you the steps you can take to begin your personal journey toward becoming carbon neutral. Carbon Neutrality Being carbon neutral means that through a combination of reducing and offsetting […]

Zero Carbon vs Carbon Neutral: What’s the Difference?

You have recently heard more people use the terms “zero carbon” and “carbon neutral” to define goals for combating climate change. But what do they actually mean? Find out how these terms differ and how you can use them to examine your own sustainability practices. The Global Warming Problem Zero carbon and carbon neutral are […]

Value of Carbon Market Update 2021

In February of 2019, Pianpian Wang wrote an informative article discussing how carbon is priced around the world in both compliance and voluntary carbon markets. We have provided yearly updates on the information from this article, the most recent of which was published in September of 2020. This post will provide further updates on the […]

The Future of Sustainable Development in the Amazon

By Alex Yale The Amazon Rainforest is arguably the most important asset in the battle against climate change. So much so that the direct act of deforestation in the region accounts for around 30% of global carbon emissions, from the carbon sinks that are released by burning trees and disruption of the ecosystem. Economists argue […]

What You Need to Know Before Monetizing Carbon Credits

By Pianpian Wang Demands for voluntary carbon offsets have been increased since the beginning of the year. The pandemic has become a crucial driver for companies to commit to climate mitigation. We have received many inquiries recently regarding how to monetize carbon emissions. You might find this short article helpful in answering your general questions […]

Setting an Internal Carbon Value on One Ton – A Complex but Necessary Step

By Olivia Fussell Companies that are building in a price for carbon in their financial forecasts will be better prepared to manage the transition as more climate change reporting, risk and regulation become an evident business cost globally. The need for a company to account for the cost is becoming a necessary step and is […]