Are Bans Sustainable for Everyone?

By Shannon Mora A plastic bag floating down the city street has become New York’s version of a tumbleweed in an old western film. They are everywhere and symbolize the promise of an eminent duel—sustainability initiatives versus small businesses. Legislative Burden In 2008 former Mayor Bloomberg attempted to address the increasing plastic bag pollution with […]

SM-You, SME, SM-We

By Reed Shapiro The benefits of sustainability cannot be an elite luxury only big companies enjoy—it has to be for everyone. The business case for sustainability is well proven across a multitude of industries, and even macroeconomic scenarios. Hundreds of studies from institutions like Harvard, Oxford, MIT and many more now detail how companies can […]

Roadmap for Achieving the SDGs by 2030

By Alyssa Bueno Most people think of the new year as a fresh start, a new beginning. But that’s far from true when it comes to our environment. We don’t get a new planet. 2019 nearly marks the halfway point for when the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are expected to be achieved. These 17 goals […]

Now You Can Make Your Trips to Sri Lanka Carbon Neutral

Experiential Journeys PVT. LTD. has teamed up with Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) to completely mitigate the carbon footprint of their safari tours and camping trips through CCC’s Carbon Neutral Checkout® program. Experiential Journeys, a Sri Lankan company, offers Wildlife Tours, Architecture Exploration Tours, Adventure Tours, Birding Tours and other themed tours that reflect the historic […]

Climate Disclosure: A Tool Underestimated by Companies

By Pianpian Wang You might be familiar with the concept of financial disclosure, which refers to the financial performance and condition of a company (usually a listed company). With the increased attention to climate change impacts, climate disclosure is brought to the spotlight in recent years. What Information is Included in the Climate Disclosure The […]

One Meal At A Time

By Shannon Mora At some point today, you were probably daydreaming about what you will eat for dinner tonight. Imagine the savory smells dancing through the kitchen and meeting your nose. Picture the sound of your favorite food sizzling on the stove top. If you weren’t salivating before, I bet you are now! But, I […]

What You Did Not Know about Your Thanksgiving Feast

Ready For Your Thanksgiving Feast? We are excited about the delicious food and the moment that we can get together with family and friends, while we also wonder about the feast’s environmental impact. Therefore, we have analyzed the traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu and here is each dish’s carbon emissions. 1 Roasted Turkey and Stuffing: 10.9 […]

3 Ways Carbon Offset Projects are Protecting Indigenous Lands

By Alyssa Bueno A champion of far-right policies and dubbed ‘Trump of the Tropics’, congressman Jair Bolsonaro is elected President of Brazil. He pledges to expand soy production and cattle grazing at the expense of rainforest biodiversity.

Some Takeaways of Climate Week NYC 2018

Since the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the leading subject matter of “green” conferences alike have been focused on, “what now?” Climate Week NYC 2018 stayed true to this theme, gathering together government officials, financial and climate experts, and professionals of all fields to discuss not only “what now,” but more importantly, “how.”

Carbon Credit Capital Helps Launch to B Local NYC Chapter

Carbon Credit Capital was recently a part of more than 75 owners, employees, and friends of Benefit Corporations (“B Corps”), who showed up on October 11th, 2018 to officially launch the B Local NYC Chapter at the Athleta store in Flatiron.