Different Carbon Footprint, Same Love

By Pianpian Wang I got married about a month ago. With close friends and family as my witnesses, my husband and I exchanged vows and rings, and made a life commitment to each other in front of the County Clerk at the courthouse. It was a small wedding ceremony, but it was truly amazing! Out […]

How Corporate “Weight-Loss” Can Drive Real, Positive Economic Development Globally

By Reed Shapiro I write this article with a few thoughts in mind: * It seems we’ve got about a decade to stave off irreversible radical change to our climate by the time I die (provided I live to retirement); * Report after report shows we’re not cutting that gap fast enough; * The way […]

How to Counteract Greenwashing

By Shannon Mora Greenwashing is a term that refers to a company’s attempt to market a false impression that they or their products are more environmentally friendly than they actually are. This is a ploy to capture conscious consumers within the growing sustainability market. As eco-friendly products gain more popularity, companies are seeking a means […]

Be Social Change’s Events are Carbon Neutral Now!

New York City-based organization, Be Social Change, a social enterprise producing weekly social impact offerings, has recently partnered with Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) to offset its full programming footprint for 2019-2020 via our Carbon Neutral Checkout® Program. Be Social Change is a membership association for people building lives and careers of social impact. They host […]

Alert: You Need to Avoid These Carbon Credit Scams

By Pianpian Wang Scams have become more and more prevalent across a number of industries, attacking under educated consumers who are willing to invest in seemingly lucrative solutions to the problems they care about most. In recent years, scammers have begun to target carbon credits, a component of national and international strategies to mitigate the […]

Carbon Credit Capital Joins Entrex Carbon Market to trade Carbon Offsets

Boca Raton, Fl. June 25, 2019: Today Universal Solar Technology (UNSS) is pleased to announce its Joint Venture with The Entrex Capital Market, which created the Entrex Carbon Market, executed an agreement with Carbon Credit Capital to trade Carbon Offsets across its technology platform. The Entrex Carbon Market utilizes Entrex’s blockchain enabled technology platform to […]

The Road To Carbon Neutrality

By Reed Shapiro Large company after large company, city after city, country after country—are making declarations, setting goals, and allocating investments to go “carbon neutral.” The term, and more importantly the status itself, seem to be a new sort of climate boogeyman. While there seems to be a shared global vision around achieving carbon neutrality, […]

How Carbon Neutrality Reaches All Stewardship Commitments

By Shannon Mora “I want to be apart of the solution, but I am afraid of supporting illegitimate initiatives.” If this dilemma sounds a lot like your own thought bubble, you are not alone! Buzzer words like sustainability, eco-friendly, and carbon neutral are fluttering around marketing campaigns for a variety of brands in an attempt […]

Combatting Species Extinction with Carbon Offsets

By Alyssa Bueno Recently, a United Nation report found that 1,000,000 species are facing imminent extinction due to climate change. The report also finds that humans are responsible for significantly altering 75% of the land environment and 66% of the marine environment. The Problem The fact that humans are responsible for wiping out entire species […]

Earth Day Cannot be Every Day, Unless…

By Pianpian Wang Since the 1970s, Earth Day has blossomed into a global day of action. Today, there are nearly 200 countries taking part in this day bringing attention to environmental problems that the earth is facing. This year, Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) organized and participated in a few events to engage with the public […]