All You Need to Know About Science-Based Targets

By Pianpian Wang One silver lining to COVID-19 is that multiple sources and news outlets are showing an increase in businesses and individuals taking action to tackle the climate crisis that we all face. One example is that more businesses have started to develop science-based targets (“SBT”) to reduce carbon emissions in line with what […]

2020 Presidential Election: Climate Change Special

By Reed Shapiro In an election where the voting populace is so deeply divided, many people have made up their minds about which candidate they are supporting. For some, however, the decision to re-elect Donald Trump, or to eschew the incumbent President for Joe Biden hangs in the balance. A number of familiar issues, like […]

Racism in Environmental Justice

By Shannon Mora In a previous blog post titled Privilege in Sustainability, I discussed the ways the climate action initiative has shown to be targeted towards the young white demographic. The disconnect between minority peoples and the climate action movement is tied to both the price point for sustainable goods and products as well as […]

Saie Beauty Launches Carbon Neutral Shipping on Clean and Sustainable Beauty Products

October 15, 2020- Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) has entered a new partnership with Saie, a clean makeup brand dedicated to making non-toxic, high-performing and sustainable products that are good for the wearer and the environment. By partnering with CCC, Saie will now offset all carbon emissions related to transportation across the company’s entire value chain. […]

Artisan Dental Becomes the 1st Carbon Neutral General Dental Practice in the United States

Madison, Wisconsin – September 28th, 2020 – Artisan Dental, based in Madison, Wisconsin has partnered with Carbon Credit Capital and GreenTrees to certify Artisan Dental as the first carbon neutral general dental practice in the United States. Artisan Dental now offsets 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions associated with the company’s operation including team business […]

Climate Week NYC 2020- Observations & Recap

Reed Shapiro, Pianpian Wang Attending Climate Week NYC every year is Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”)’s tradition. This year’s Climate Week events were mostly digital due to the pandemic, making it possible to hear more perspectives than ever before. More importantly, it also generated less carbon emissions from these events. This recap aims to share observations […]

Recent Transportation Trends Are Worth Paying Attention to

By Pianpian Wang A few months ago, I wrote an article regarding some strategies that help reduce the shipping industry’s carbon emissions. Back then, I projected that some moves might be taken to mitigate carbon impact from shipping. It is noted that shipping emissions also matters to many businesses outside the shipping industry, such as […]

Value of Carbon Market Update 2020

By Reed Shapiro In February of 2019, my colleague, Pianpian Wang, penned an article that discussed how carbon gets priced around the world, in both the compliance and voluntary carbon markets. Pianpian’s article focuses on the origins of price dynamics in both compliance trading systems, and voluntary measures. Just a year and a half later, […]

Extreme Weather Events- What’s Next?

By Shannon Mora “Thousands forced to evacuate as California fires blase across the state”. “100,000 evacuated as waters reach giant Chinese Buddha statue”. “Two dead and hundreds of thousands without power after wind storm battles the Midwest.” “New South Wales, Australia weather: Flooding eases on south coast but many residents yet to return home”. These […]

No Climate Action, No Money

By Pianpian Wang A recent report shows that North American companies lead in reporting on carbon emissions, but not in implementing action. For a long time, there has been no pressing motivation or incentive for businesses to engage in concrete agendas to reduce their carbon emissions. However, this situation is changing. BlackRock, one of the […]