Earth Day Cannot be Every Day, Unless…

By Pianpian Wang Since the 1970s, Earth Day has blossomed into a global day of action. Today, there are nearly 200 countries taking part in this day bringing attention to environmental problems that the earth is facing. This year, Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) organized and participated in a few events to engage with the public […]

Celebrating Earth Day Big! Spring Bank is Officially Carbon Neutral!

We’ve got big news, just in time for Earth Day! Spring Bank is officially carbon-neutral! Spring Bank offset over 192,874.28 kg of CO2e and is helping to preserve the Amazon rainforest and support 80 indigenous families who live in the rainforests of Pará, Brazil as a result. Through a partnership with fellow B Corp, Carbon […]

Building the Movement that Will Change Business Forever—For the Better

By Reed Shapiro Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to join the business, non-profit, and individual members of 1% for the Planet for the 3rd Annual Global Summit conference in Portland, Oregon. As I pursue a degree in sustainable business management, there are few places I can think of more fitting than this venue […]

Carbon Neutral Office Supplies A First

New York, New York – April 4, 2019 The Raw Office Inc. has launched an industry leading 100% carbon neutral checkout experience for office supply buyers. With over 52,00 office products cataloged for carbon emissions, Raw Office has launched the first ever office supply program to offset all emissions associated with the sale and delivery […]

Carbon Low vs Carbon Neutral

By Shannon Mora Recently, I proposed the concept of carbon neutrality to an amazing company, whose mission I admire deeply. Their response was not unlike many I have heard before: “As a carbon-conscientious company, [we] realizes the heavy toll that returns shipping takes on the environment and we have committed to offering more eco-friendly solutions. […]

How Etsy Paves the Way for Carbon Neutral Shipping

By Alyssa Bueno Despite our best efforts, every product we buy has a carbon footprint. That footprint grows if we opt to ship purchases to our door. And the biggest carbon sin occurs when we click that oh so convenient 2-day prime delivery. Although Amazon offers us free shipping, the environment bears the true cost. […]

Carbon Credit Capital Takes Carbon Neutrality to School with Yoga Foster

New York City-based Yoga Foster, which aims to provide free and low-cost training, lesson plans, yoga mats and more for educators to bring mindfulness and yoga into elementary schools, recently partnered with Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”) to offset all shipments of yoga mats via our Carbon Neutral Checkout® Program. Yoga Foster is a nonprofit that […]

What Affects the Market Value of Carbon?

By Pianpian Wang When we talk about adopting market mechanisms to reduce carbon emissions, what do we really mean? The reality is the following: either create economic incentives for organizations to lower their carbon footprint (the mandatory carbon market), or build a market-based trading platform where organizations and individuals can invest in projects to reduce […]

Are Bans Sustainable for Everyone?

By Shannon Mora A plastic bag floating down the city street has become New York’s version of a tumbleweed in an old western film. They are everywhere and symbolize the promise of an eminent duel—sustainability initiatives versus small businesses. Legislative Burden In 2008 former Mayor Bloomberg attempted to address the increasing plastic bag pollution with […]

SM-You, SME, SM-We

By Reed Shapiro The benefits of sustainability cannot be an elite luxury only big companies enjoy—it has to be for everyone. The business case for sustainability is well proven across a multitude of industries, and even macroeconomic scenarios. Hundreds of studies from institutions like Harvard, Oxford, MIT and many more now detail how companies can […]