EKI Wind Power Project

Replace Coal with Wind Energy

EKI produces wind energy in India’s most industrialized state, where the local grid is strained daily by peak energy demands. The region often experiences rolling black and brown-outs that result in no electricity. This project provides a reliable source of renewable energy and replaces coal, which reduces the amount of local air pollution. In addition, the project provides educational opportunities to young girls, employment opportunities for local laborers.

Project Details

Maharashtra, India
Verra (VCS)
Annual Reductions
187,744 tCO2e
VCS Registry

Help Leap-Frog Fossil Fuels

The project includes a new facility that generates electricity from wind power and sells it to the NEWNE Grid—the state grid of Maharashtra, India. In addition to providing consistent, reliable energy in areas where there are often blackouts, EKI’s Projects also create job opportunities for members of local communities. The project itself involves construction and maintenance of Wind Turbines. The project has a capacity of 80 MW. The power produced displaces an equivalent amount of power from the grid, which is primarily coal-based. The project results in a reduction of Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) emissions by up to 136,936 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Provide Opportunities for Local Communities

EKI’s project also reduces the demand-supply gap of electricity in the region and therefore the strain on the grid during peak hour demand. This project’s existence encourages further development of more renewable energy projects in the area. Furthermore, EKI also employs members of the local community in construction and operation of the project, and, because of the increased grid capacity, school-age children, especially girls and young women, are able to get educations.

EKI’s projects contribute to 8 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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